Education Materials

Welcome Educators!

Students watching a video introduction to the "Paths of Life" exhibit 

For use by visiting school groups, families, and anyone wanting background materials or activities related to ASM's exhibits. We look forward to seeing you at the museum. Download these online resource materials to make your or your students' experience more fulfilling. 

Background Information for Teachers

  1. "Paths of Life" Exhibit Self-Guided Tour Materials for Teachers: Background information (including a map) on the American Indian tribes in the "Paths of Life" exhibition.

General Exhibit Activities

  1. Pre-K through first grade: Let's Find Animals is a "funsheet" for pre-K through first grade museum visitors and their adult attendants. This activity is part of the "Paths of Life" exhibit.
  2. Pre-K through first grade: 
  3. Coordinated with the Teacher Resource Materials listed above, this packet is designed to be initiated in the classroom and completed in the "Paths of Life" exhibition by students. This packet includes a map, background information on tribes, and activities to do in the galleries. Please print one for each student and bring them with you. Teachers taking guided tours may find these materials useful for post-visit activities. Student Activities for Self-Guided Paths of Life Visit (5th–9th grade) PDF* - 799K

Self-Guided Discovery Hunts for "Paths of Life" (based on the information presented in our guided tour program. Please use these to make your students' experience in the gallery more enriching.)

  1. Seri (2nd–5th grades) PDF - 921K
  2. Seri (6th and up grades) PDF - 687K
  3. Yaqui (2nd–5th grades) PDF - 715K
  4. Yaqui (6th and up grades) PDF - 728K
  5. O'odham (2nd–5th grades) PDF - 637K
  6. O'odham (6th and up grades) PDF - 723K
  7. Apache (2nd–5th grades) PDF - 883K
  8. Apache (6th and up grades) PDF - 643K
  9. Navajo (2nd–5th grades) PDF - 697K
  10. Navajo (6th and up grades) PDF - 618K
  11. Hopi (2nd–5th grades) PDF - 731K
  12. Hopi (6th and up grades) PDF - 654

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