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About the Store

Arizona State Museum's nationally acclaimed store, Native Goods, offers authentic, unique, and educational arts and crafts from the interesting to the exquisite. The Native cultures of the US Southwest and northern Mexico that are represented in the museum's collections are similarly represented in the store's inventory. Native Goods offers a wide array of pottery, basketry, jewelry, carvings, and textiles.

Object of the Month

Small Wedding Vase by Elizabeth Manygoats

April’s Object of the Month in Native Goods, the museum store, is this wonderful small wedding vase by renowned Navajo folk art potter Elizabeth Manygoats. The piece features a Navajo woman sitting on a weaving in front of a mesa. On the back is her dog also sitting in front of the mesa. Measuring 5"h x 4"w it would normally sell for $150, but it can be yours for just $105 through the end of the month.

Location & Hours

Native Goods is located in the museum's north building, first floor.
Map & Directions to the Museum.

Monday–Saturday: 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays, federal and state holidays

Southwest Indian Art and Craft

Pasqua Yaqui Pascola mask by David Louis ValenzuelaPascua Yaqui Pascola Mask
carved by Louis David Valenzuela

Louis David Valenzuela is one of the best-known Yaqui artists living in Arizona. He is best known for his willow wood and cottonwood mask carvings. Using traditional tools, he creates masks used in Yaqui Easter ceremonies. Carved Pascola masks are painted black and decorated with white, red and blue designs. Horsehair is used to fashion beards and eyebrows. His work is often marked with his own personal signature, a painted lizard.

The museum store regularly carries Valenzuela’s masks, as well as a selection of Yaqui masks made by carvers from the Yaqui homeland in northern Sonora. Prices range from $50–$250.

Laguna pot by Marquis Dann-LenteHand coiled, hand painted traditional Laguna Pueblo pot
made by Marquis Dann-Lente.

As with this pot, the museum store specializes in carrying authentic Native American pottery made with traditional construction methods and designs. Pottery carried by the museum store ranges from $20–$3000.

Hopi katsina basket plaqueHopi Coil Basket (Plaque) with Polik Mana Katsina image.

Many people are familiar with carved representations of katsinam, but images of the beneficent supernatural messengers also appear on Hopi pottery, paintings, and basketry. For centuries, basketry has played an important role in Hopi life. Hopi women (and now, some men) continue to produce a wide variety of baskets for everyday use as well as ceremonial purposes. Second Mesa produces coiled baskets; Third Mesa is known for wicker. Weavers from all mesas plait sifter baskets. Non-Native interest in Hopi material created a strong market and since the late 1800s, baskets have also been made for the tourist and collector markets. Katsina imagery enhanced their marketability and thus their monetary value.

The museum store carries basketry from many different cultures of the Southwest including Tohono O’odham, Navajo, Hopi, and Seri. Prices range from $30–$2500.

Crazy Rattle Katsina dollCrazy Rattle Katsina doll

Hopi katsina dolls, and the dancers on which they are based, are the physical manifestations of the katsina spirits. 

The museum store carries many different katsina dolls, prices range from $150–$1000.

A book cover from the ASM Store


A poster from the ASM Store


We Also Carry...

cards, posters, DVDs and CDs. In addition, more than 100 book titles are available including a wide selection of anthropology and archaeology books, for both adults and children. Also available are reports on Museum research, as published in the ASM Archaeological Series.

Featured Artists

As a part of its commitment to support the native arts of this region the store also sponsors exhibits by contemporary artists. Learn about artists featured in past and current exhibits and view samples of their work in our Native Goods Featured Artists section.

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