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Physical Locations

Locations are physical locations in the Museum where items are shelved, stored or filed.  The location information for an item is located in the holding record's 852 MARC field subfield $b.  ASM uses the following locations and coded names:

Department Physical Location Field 852 $b Call Number Label
Archives Archives ARCHIVES ASM ARCHIVES RG6-nnn
Repository Collection Repository ARCHREPCOL ASM ACC-yyyy-nnn
Records Office Site Files Office ARCHRECOFF ASM SFO AZPROJ yyyy-nn
Library Stacks STACKS LC Classification
Library Locked Case RARE LC Classification; Locked Room (before call #)
Library Oversize OVERSIZE LC Classification; OVERSIZE  (before call #)
Library Locked Case Oversize Archives RAREOVER LC Classification; Oversize Locked Room (before call #)
Library Reference Desk REFERENCE LC Classification; Ready Ref (orange dot on spine)
Library Closed Stacks  STORAGE LC Classification; Closed Stacks (after call #)
Library Work area REPAIR LC Classification
Library Electronic ELECTRONIC LC Classification
Library Library - Theses THESES Locally assigned: M9791 for Masters, P9791 for Ph.D. dissertations
Office of Ethnohistorical Research Office of Ethnohistorical Research OER LC Classification
Citation   CITATION None
Photography Photography PHOTO LC Classification


Archaeological Records Office Map Location

Archaeological Records Office map location numbers are unique grid-related numbers that are used by the ASM Archaeological Records Office and surveyors to indicate geographic locations for known archaeological sites in Arizona.

Enter the AZSITE numbers in the 691 MARC field subfield $a and put a comma between any numbers in the string. First and second indictor values are left blank.

Enter as:   AZ(space)alpha alpha:nn:nn(ASM)

Example:  AZ AA:12:12(ASM), AZ AA:12:13(ASM), AZ BB:1:20(ASM)