Intertribal International Repatriation

24 October 2016
  • 06:00

For centuries, tribal communities have endured the desecration of ancient and historic burial grounds. The remains of their ancestors, funerary objects, and sacred items were collected by individuals, exhibited in museums, and even sold across international borders. Vernelda Grant will discuss efforts among southwestern tribes to prevent further looting, to discourage the illegal market of funerary and sacred objects, and to ensure the return of all ancestors to descendant communities.

Grant is a member of the International Repatriation Working Group, which strives to educate indigenous peoples, museums, and private collectors on issues of repatriation. Citing recent cour cases, Grant will provide updates on proposed legislation.

A free event, it will be held in room 111 of the Cesar E. Chavez building, two buildings east of ASM. Reception follows program.