Ancestral Pueblo Glaze-Painted Pottery

24 July 2017
  • $480 per person or $440 ASM members ($280 / $240 tax deductible).Space limited to 12.

Glaze-painted pottery in the American Southwest is the only pre-European glaze technology in the new world. Ancestral Pueblo peoples began to make glaze paints in the early 14th century and continued to make them until the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. After the revolt, the ingredients for glaze paint recipes were no longer available and the recipes were eventually forgotten. Camp participants will learn about the types of Pueblo glaze-painted pottery, and the relationship these types have with religious practice, trade, and identity. They will then apply this knowledge to case studies from the Rio Abajo of New Mexico, examining material that spans the entire glaze-paint chronology. Lectures will be offered in the mornings, with hands-on activities in the afternoons. No prior training or experience required!

Contact Darlene Lizarraga to sign up or for more information.