Large square top polychrome olla (ca. 1920-1930)

  • Nampeyo 

Large square top polychrome olla, around 1920-30.

"Polychrome jar, Hopi, Square top, made by Nampeyo." This unique jar came to the Arizona State Museum with the Gila Pueblo collections, with no other documentation but the above. It is the only piece in the collection that bears a Harvey Company "Made by Nampeyo-Hopi" tag. Most interesting is that the jar broke post-firing, and was repaired in a traditional fashion through drilling holes to either side of the break and binding the sides with sinew. The scale of this piece links it to jar GP6215. These immense high-shouldered vessels are thought to date to the 1920s, and possibly were made with the assistance of Nampeyo's relatives.