Large polychrome olla (ca. 1920)

  • Nampeyo 

Large polychrome olla, around 1920.

This large squat jar, very similar to jar GP6217, was purchased from the Commercial Hotel in Holbrook in September of 1928 by the Gila Pueblo Foundation, whose entire collections came to ASM in the early 1950s. Neither is identified as the work of Nampeyo, but it is highly likely that they are both hers. Nampeyo was well known for making jars this shape, especially in the period around 1920. The painting could be that of her daughters, as her eyesight was greatly diminished by this time. The jar has remnants of an adhesive tag and the price of $50.00 pencilled on the base. This was a princely sum for Indian pottery at this time, indicating high collector regard for quality Hopi wares.