Blanket, Chief (1850-1870)

Arizona State Museum Catalog No. E-1200
Culture: Navajo
Period: Classic
Date Made: 1850-1870
Max. Date Range : (1850-1870)
Identity / Dates Documented? No
Description: Blue and dark brown banded units across center and along both ends; 5 wider white and dark brown bands between banded units; condition is good/fair: many well-memded holes, one unmended; loom turn; cord ends woven into fabric.
Dimensions: 75 x 63.5 in.
Technique: Weft-faced plain weave
Warp Selvage: Two 2-ply twined cords of 4-ply yarn.
Weft Selvage: Missing; cords joined and woven into fabric.
Corner Finish: Tassels 3” long.
Lazy Lines: Some
Warp Count: 11
Weft Count: 70
Technical Comments: Dimensions (meters): 01.610 length, 01.910 (width), 0.080 (tassels) Tassels = 3 inches
Yarn Analysis:
Warp Handspun Wool 1 z -- White None
Weft Handspun Wool 1 z -- White None
Weft Handspun Wool 1 z -- Medium Blue Indigo
Weft Handspun Wool 1 z -- White None
Weft Handspun Wool 1 z -- Dark Brown None
Warp Selvage Commercial Wool 2(4 z S)Z Medium Light Blue Indigo?
Collector: Wheelwright, Mary Cabot
Accession Remarks: Donated in 1942 by Mary Cabot Wheelwright.
Recorder: Hedlund, Ann Lane
Recording Date: 10/14/1977
Ownership: Arizona State Museum
Catalog No.: E-1200
Other Numbers: E1200, E 1200
Credits: Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona, Tucson. Cat. no. E-1200. Photo by Robin Stancliff.
Textile Id. No.: 25