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Woman's fancy manta
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Woman's fancy manta
Date: Circa 1850-1865

“My grandfather was born in 1864, just when this was made. The weaver put a lot of pattern in the stripes. She offset the colors—the black and red, the red and pink—to bring out the designs really well.” —Barbara Ornelas

“This seems really ‘teenagery’—the middle being pink. It’s fun and sweet—a bitter person wouldn’t make this rug. I suspect that someone who was really happy made it. You could put a photo of Marilyn Monroe with this—there’s glamour and beauty. It’s feminine and bubbly, like a drive-in movie image. Most people don’t associate these elements or emotions with Navajo people, but they are present. Navajo people believe in beauty all around and, here, this weaver is weaving her version of beauty.” —Sierra Ornelas

“Everything is symmetrical and organized. The patterns are moving with different rhythms, but coincide to create symmetry. It’s very serene, not angry. The weaver, she rocked! To weave diagonally in twill weave, but to have it all match up so perfectly, is amazing.” —Sierra Ornelas

Twill tapestry weave, weft-faced, diagonal and diamond patterns.

1.2 x 0.78 m; Tassels 0.090 m
30.709 x 47.244 in.; Tassels 3.543 in.

Catalog No. E-2859

ASM purchase from E. E. Ellwood, 1955.

Function Fiber Type Ply-Spin-Twist Color Dye Count *
Warp Wool Handspun -- Z -- White None 15
Weft Wool Raveled 2 S -- Red A Coch 55+Lac 45, Tested 2004 46
Weft Wool Raveled -- Z -- Coral-Pink B Synthetic, Tested 2004 20
Weft Wool Handspun -- Z -- Dk Blue Indigo 30
Ecord Wool Handspun 3 z S Dk Blue Indigo 3
* threads/inch
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