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Flight of the Dragonflies
Poetry Inspired by the Avery Collection

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Flight of the Dragonflies by David Dawangyumptewa
Flight of the Dragonflies
David Dawangyumptewa
Catalog No: 2000-186-66

Flight of the Dragonflies

I am a turtle
Watching the dragonflies.
I look at my surroundings and I am in
A crazy play I see
Couch springs that are red, blue, and black
Flying through the air.
I see dragonflies with
Colors I cannot describe,
I hear thunder and a drum

Beating. The ground is muddy and smells like
Rain, but it is silky and feels like
Velvet. A dragonfly
Lands on my shell
Although I am in a
Crazy place
I am happy
Where I am.

Mercedes Madrid
Lawrence Intermediate School


I am breathing small clouds of white in the dark and sleeping quietly in a dreamland of stars and wild horses running with dragonflies into gray storm clouds.

In the painting I saw a dragonfly with wings that were as glittery as stars or when the sun shines on the waves of the ocean. I could hear the wing of the dragonfly as soft as whispers in a dream. I could feel the air like wind before a storm. In the air I could see donuts with desert sprinkled on them.

I am breathing small white clouds in the dark. But still the dragonfly is as glittery as stars or sun on the ocean, and still his wing sounds like whispers in a dream.

Mercedes Madrid
Lawrence Intermediate School

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