The University of Arizona

Paths of Life Guided Tour
Arizona Standards

This tour meets the following standards: 1SS-F1 PO2; 1SS-F2 PO2-3; 1SS-F3 PO1-3; 1SS-F4 PO2; 1SS-E3 PO1-6; 1SS-E4 PO2-3; 1SS-E8; 1SS-E15 PO3-4.

1SS-F1. Demonstrate the ability to place events in chronological sequence, with emphasis on :

PO 2. recognizing a sequence of events

1SS-F2. Describe everyday life in the past and recognize that some aspects change and others stay the same, with emphasis on:

PO 2. the economies, symbols, customs, and oral traditions of an Indian community of Arizona, including the significance of the Eagle Feather, trade networks, decorative arts, housing, songs, and dances
PO 3. how past cultural exchanges influence present-day life, including food, art, shelter, and language

1SS-F3. Use stories to describe past events, people, and places, with emphasis on:

PO 1. contributions from past events and cultures
PO 2. examples of individual action, character, and values
PO 3. descriptions of daily life in past time and different places, including the various roles of men, women, and children

1SS-F4. Describe the stories of important American heroes and their contributions to our society, with emphasis on:

PO 2. those who fought for the rights and freedoms of others, including Chief Joseph, Chief Manuelito (Navajo, the Long Walk), Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Cesar Chávez

1SS-E3. Describe Spanish and Mexican colonization and economic, social, and political interactions with the first inhabitants of Arizona, with emphasis on:

PO 1. the location and cultural characteristics of the O’odham (Papagos and Pimas) and Apaches during the Spanish period
PO 2. the reasons for the early Spanish explorations, including those of Fray Marcos de Niza, Estevan, and Francisco Vásquez de Coronado
PO 3. the reasons for Spanish colonization, including the establishment of missions,presidios, and towns and impact on native inhabitants
PO 4. the contributions of Father Kino
PO 5. the creation of unique, strongly held cultural identities from the Spanish and Indian heritage
PO 6. the change of governance from Spain to Mexico

1SS-E4. Describe the economic, social, and political life in the Arizona Territory and the legacy of various cultural groups to modern Arizona, with emphasis on:

PO 2. the conflict of cultures that occurred between newcomers and Arizona Indian groups, including the Indian Wars
PO 3. the lives and contributions of various cultural and ethnic groups, including American Indians, Hispanics, and newcomers from the United States and other parts of the world

1SS-E8. Demonstrate and apply the basic tools of historical research, including how to construct timelines, frame questions that can be answered by historical study and research, and analyze and evaluate historical materials offering varied perspectives.

1SS-E15. Analyze the origins, obstacles, and impacts of the Age of Exploration, with emphasis on:

PO 3. the introduction of disease and the resulting population decline, especially to New World peoples
PO 4. Columbian exchanges of technology, ideas, agricultural products and practices