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  • Guided Tours: Currently no guided tours are available. Check back in the fall for our American Indian Pottery interactive program. Self-guided materials have been created that include what we covered in the Paths of Life exhibit guided tour.
  • Self-Guided Visits in all permanent and temporary exhibitions. Tons of materials are available for you to use with your students in the exhibitions.These can be downloaded from our Educational Resources page.

You can register online or print the form and fax it to 520-621-2976. For questions or to be added to our mailing list email the Education Department or call 520-621-9434.

Self-Guided visits are free for students and $5 for adult chaperones (1 adult per every 8 students is required) and MUST BE PRE-SCHEDULED.

For information about Summer Programs at the museum, please visit our Summer Programs page. Only self-guided explorations are currently available.


Guided Tours - Currently only self-guided tours are available. Please check back in the fall.

Students explore exciting cultural connections and learn important lessons in history, science, and art. These field trip programs are fun and engaging, and meet Arizona State Standards.

American Indian Pottery: Continuity and Tradition

Learn about 2,000 years of Native American art and science. Explore pottery traditions, and archaeological research. Hands on activities include sorting pot sherds, drawing pots, sequencing pottery making steps, and creating paper pot puzzles.

Best for Grades: 3–8 but can be adapted

Cost *: $3.00 per student ($36.00 minimum), chaperones and teachers are free
Group Size: Minimum: 12**, Maximum: 28, Minimum of 4 chaperones / teachers
Dates / Times Available: TBD in the fall

* For information about needs-based discounts, call or email us.
** For smaller groups email us for special arrangements.

Go to American Indian Pottery Registration to schedule your visit!

Teacher Resources for this Program

Wall of Pots Online Exhibition


Self-Guided Visits - ALMOST FREE! 
These must be Pre-Scheduled during the academic year.

What are self-guided visits?   Self-guided visits are museum visits educators lead themselves, so guides are not provided. If possible, teachers are encouraged to visit the museum before bringing their classes on a field trip. Background information and downloadable activities for use on your visit are provided on the Educational Resources page on this website.

To make your group’s experience a positive one, we require that self-guided visits be pre-scheduled during the academic year. In this way, we avoid overcrowding or having your visit conflict with other programs. All self-guided visits require at least one adult chaperone per 8 students.

Cost: Students under 18 are free and UA and PCC students are free with their ID card. The adult chaperones fee is $5 per adult. This fee will be invoiced to you when you are registered. If you do not pre-register, we may not be able to accommodate your group in the museum.

Self-guided visits for exhibitions are available Monday–Saturday 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

If a guided tour is already scheduled in an exhibition by another class, a self-guided visit will not be permitted in that gallery.

Current Exhibitions

  • Curtis Reframed: The Arizona Portfolios (November 9, 2013July 2015)
    Use the Be A Photo Detective activity with your students. Visit the related online exhibit Photo ID: Portraits by Native Youth
  • From Above: Images of a Storied Land (February 8September 20, 2014)
  • The Pottery Project (permanent)
  • Paths of Life: American Indians of the Southwest and Northwest Mexico (permanent), see below for information about self-guided activity materials.

See our Current and Upcoming Exhibitions page for more information about the exhibitions.

Paths of Life: American Indians of the Southwest and Northern Mexico

No guided tours of Paths of Life are available . Self-guided materials have been created that include what we covered in the guided tour. These can be downloaded from our Educational Resources page.

School group in the Paths of Life exhibitionExplore the origins, history, and life today of the American Indian peoples of Arizona and the greater Southwest! Self-guided materials focus on The Yaqui, O’odham and Seri - From the Arizona deserts to the Sea of Cortez - and The Navajo, Hopi and Apache - Life on the high plateaus and eastern mountains of Arizona.

Apache Gaan dancers

Self-guided Materials Meet Arizona State Standards:
Social Studies: ISS-F1 PO1; ISS-F2; ISS-F3 PO3; ISS-E3; ISS-E4 PO2; ISS-E8 PO7; ISS-E15 PO3-4; ISS-E20 PO5. More Info

Teacher Resources and Student Activities for Paths of Life

Online Panoramic Tour of Paths of Life

Go to Self-Guided Visit Registration to schedule your visit!

Take advantage of Resource Materials for the Exhibitions.

Image credits:
Photos by Jannelle Weakly unless otherwise indicated
Apache Mountain Spirit dancers: ASM Staff