The University of Arizona

Archaeological Consultants Holding Arizona Antiquities Act Permits

To do archaeological work on state, county, city or other municipal properties in Arizona, an archaeologist must first qualify, then obtain a Blanket or Project-Specific Arizona Antiquities Act Permit from the Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona. (Reference: Chapter VIII B: Rules implementing A.R.S. 15-1631 and 41-841, ET SEQ., the Arizona Antiquities Act).

The document linked below includes the individuals, companies and organizations that - to date - have obtained Arizona Antiquity Act Blanket Permits. You can select an archaeologist from this list or solicit archaeological assistance from elsewhere. However, please remember: the archaeologist you select must first qualify, obtain and have in possession an up-to-date Arizona Antiquities Act Permit to do any archaeological survey or excavation on state, county, city or other municipal properties in Arizona.

2016 Permit Holders (PDF*)

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