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Any ground-disturbing activity on state land, such as archaeological research or commercial development can result in the destruction of Arizona's cultural resources. Under the Arizona Antiquities Act, ground-disturbing activities on state land must be preceded by a survey and identification of any physical evidence of past human activity.

Under this same law, the Arizona State Museum has a responsibility to help protect the cultural resources on state land. Through a system of archaeological permits management and documentation of the survey activities, the Museum preserves a record of what may be changed or destroyed by present and future activities on state land.

The records generated by these activities are archived at the Arizona State Museum. In addition to archiving site cards, maps, reports, and field notes, the Arizona State Museum records site and survey data, and indexes the other archived materials in a relational database, AZSITE. 

AZSITE is used by land managers, archaeologists, and a variety of scholars as an archaeological research and resource management tool. Records are available to qualified archaeologists and land managers at the Museum or online.

AZSITE has now gone mainstream with AZSITE PublicOpens in a new window (more information). While the new, publicly accessible portal does require users to register and generate a username and password, there are no restrictions on who can register.

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