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Cultural Resource Services

Arizona State Museum administers the Arizona Antiquities Act and state laws concerning the discovery of human remains. In fulfillment of these responsibilities, ASM issues permits for archaeological work on state lands (lands owned or controlled by Arizona or any agent of Arizona), negotiates the disposition of archaeological human remains, maintains an archaeological site file, and provides repository services for the curation of archaeological collections.

If you are a private land owner dealing with the discovery of human remains on your property or if you are a property developer, please see Private Land Development.

If you are in need of an Arizona Antiquities Act-qualified archaeological consultant, please see Archaeological Consultants Holding Arizona Antiquities Act Permits.

Office Hours

  • Permits - Open Monday through Friday, no appointment necessary
  • State Repatriation - Open Monday through Friday, no appointment necessary
  • Repository - Open Monday through Friday, by appointment only
  • Archaeological Records - Open Tuesday through Thursday, by appointment only
  • Library - Open Tuesday through Thursday, 10:00a.m.–3:00p.m.
  • Archives - By appointment only

Researchers / Archaeological Professionals


The review process by the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) for a right-of-entry permit to conduct archaeological or paleontological research can take up to one year (this delay does NOT apply to compliance projects on ASLD land).

The professional researcher or archaeological professional will find information below on how to obtain an archaeological permit, access site files, request repository services, or request help with repatriation issues. You will also find information on state and federal laws, including NAGPRA.

University of Arizona Staff

The University of Arizona is caretaker of numerous cultural resources, both on and off the main campus. The manual Cultural Resources and You (PDF - 2M *) gives an overview of the federal and state statutes, policies, guidelines, and executive orders under which it operates.

To report discoveries of cultural resources on university property or to submit questions about cultural resources on university property, use this form: UA Discoveries.

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