Polacca Polychrome jar (ca. 1900)

Polacca Polychrome jar - side view with stylized design

Polacca Polychrome jar, around 1900.

This jar came to the museum as part of the Gila Pueblo collection. (Gila Pueblo was a research foundation in Globe, Arizona, whose collections were transferred to the Arizona State Museum in the 1950s.) According to accompanying documentation, the jar was made by Nampeyo and was purchased in 1926 from Edward Ledwidge, a trader from El Paso. However, because so few Nampeyo pieces in the Polacca Polychrome style have been identified, and few photos of Nampeyo exist from this time period, it is difficult to speculate how likely it is that she actually made this jar.

37 cm. diameter. (ASM #GP913-x-1)