David Dawangyumptewa

David Dawangyumptewa (1957 - )

Dawangyumptewa, David, Hopi /Navajo, 

David Dawangyumptewa’s path to becoming an artist included stints as a stonemason, and lighting roadie for Jackson Brown and Linda Ronstadt. Raised on the Hopi and Navajo reservations, Dawangyumptewa has attended many schools including the Institute of American Indian Arts, Haskell Institute in Kansas, and Northern Arizona University. His art has been recognized with awards at the Museum of Northern Arizona, American Indian Heritage Foundation, and Santa Fe and Colorado Indian markets. While promoting his own art in museums and galleries around the country, Dawangyumptewa has expended great effort to bring art to the public via museum exhibit design, the founding of Flagstaff’s Festival of Arts, and high-profile arts advocacy throughout the state of Arizona.

Flight of the Dragonflies by David Dawangyumptewa

The style and content of Dawangyumptewa’s work are reflective of his Hopi background and Water Clan affiliation. His works are abstracted variations on traditional water symbols, frogs, dragonflies, and turtles. In Flight of the Dragonflies, the earthen tones of pottery designs and mesa landscape are contrasted with sapphire skies and bejeweled water life.

1 Object by David Dawangyumptewa