Girl Scouts Are Excited About ASM!

GS There are lots of ways for people to get involved at the ASM whether you’re 5 or 95! Visiting the museum or attending a program are one way; volunteering at these is another. Volunteer opportunities abound – including helping at a special event or family day, participating in the docent program, or working behind the scenes.

ASM is the perfect place for Girl or Boy Scouts to learn about the rich history and traditions of indigenous peoples and other cultures of the Southwest. Tucson Girl Scout Troop #4 earned a community service badge by volunteering at the museum’s Southwest Indian Art Fair last month. The girls helped collect visitor surveys and stamped hands for re-entry. While at the fair, they also learned about Native American art, music, dance and food. The scouts reported that they had fun, loved the music and dancing, and couldn’t get enough of the fry bread (sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar was the overwhelming favorite).

In addition to volunteering to earn community service badges, ASM offers a wide variety of opportunities for Girl and Boy Scouts to complete part or all requirements for many other badges. Our wide array of exhibits, collections, archives, and family-friendly activities offer a multitude of educational opportunities to support scouting badges.

Here are just a few of the badges that can be partially earned through visits to ASM’s exhibits or attendance at events.:

Girl Scouts

Daisy Level Petals:

Use Resources Wisely – Learn ways indigenous cultures have survived for centuries in the Sonoran desert with little impact to the natural resources. Visit an exhibit or attend a family program.

Brownie Level Skill-Building/Legacy Badges:

Dancer: Attend a family event where traditional cultural dances are performed

Inventor: Visit ASM’s exhibits and learn how Native peoples created tools to adapt to life in the desert

Potter: Attend a family event where traditional potters are providing demonstrations. Visit the Pottery Project exhibit to learn about Native American pottery from 2,000 years ago to the presence. Explore the science and cultures that formed the pots.

Junior Level Skill-Building/Legacy Badges:GS2

Digital photographer: View ASM historic photographs included in the Arizona Memory ProjectOpens in a new window and in ASM’s virtual exhibits. Take photographs at ASM events.

Musician: Listen to traditional music performed by Native peoples and other cultural groups of Arizona at a museum program.

Playing the Past: Research how people lived 50 or 2,000 years ago through ASM exhibits to help develop your own historic character!

Cadette Level Skill-Building/Legacy Badges:

Finding Common Ground: Attend a family event or tour the exhibits to see different ways people live.

Boy Scouts

American Culture/Indian Lore: Visit exhibits and the ASM library to explore different Native cultures. Attend a family program about the cultures of the Southwest.

Archaeology: Visit ASM exhibits to see historic objects up-close. Attend a family event where special objects are often available to view and some to touch. Attend an ASM archaeological site tour.

Basketry: Visit the Basketry Treasured exhibit. Attend a family program where basket makers are giving demonstrations.

Pottery: Attend a family event where traditional potters are providing demonstrations. Visit the Pottery Project exhibit to learn about Native American pottery from 2,000 years ago to the presence. Explore the science and cultures that formed the pots.

In addition, check out ASM’s digital comic book “It’s Up to You.” It focuses on healthy eating and exercise habits and includes a game. This can partially help Boy Scouts earn a “Sports” merit badge, Daisies earn a “Respect Myself and Others” petal, Brownies earn a “My Best Self” badge, and Juniors earn a “Staying Fit” badge. It also supports the concepts presented in the Girl Scouts “Healthy Habits” booklets. If you have an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, download the app for free from the iTunes app store. ASM’s website offers a multitude of online activities, virtual exhibits, podcast interviews with Native artists and information about cultures of the Southwest.

Excited and want to get involved?

Come to ASM’s next free family program on April 6th and help us celebrate the museum’s 120th birthday! Embark on a Museum Quest in the galleries using your smartphone or iPod touch or tablet or for the younger ones match pictures with objects in the galleries. The day includes music and dance performances from Native, Mexican, African and Chinese cultures, pottery, basketry and other craft demonstrations by traditional artists, hands-on cultural games and crafts, a chance to use an atlatl to throw a spear at a mammoth, flint knapping demonstrations, an introduction to archaeology research, a special display of collection objects and meeting curators, and of course a piñata and birthday cake! Check out the full schedule.

If your scout troupe would like to get involved with ASM, contact our education office.

Today’s blog post is written by ASM research specialist Shannon Twilling.  In addition to being Assistant Manager of the AZSITE Database and ASM’s Archaeological Records Office, Shannon is an active leader for Tucson Girl Scout Troop #4 and enthusiastic about getting Girl Scouts to become involved with ASM.