Behind the Scenes: Putting Together an Exhibit

Lisa Falk, ASM director of education and blog editor shares preparation for ASM’s newest exhibit Through the Eyes of the Eagle: Illustrating Healthy Living for which she is the lead curator.

Do you remember preparing for those school plays? Just before opening night it seemed you were always running around making one more prop, painting one more set piece, changing bulbs, looking for an additional costume and trying to remember your lines. Putting together an exhibit is kind of like that—the last two weeks everyone is doing his part to get it all together and ready for the grand opening.

From It's Up 2 You! comic, part of the exhibit

Opening this weekend is Through the Eyes of the Eagle: Illustrating Healthy Living. While planning, research and development have been going on for three years, work in the gallery didn’t start until September. All hands on deck: script to the graphic designer Catharine Woodin, designed labels to Great Projections for printing and mounting, specs for reader rails to CAID, skate decks and loaned objects arriving at museum then to the registrar, ASM objects to conservation, object mounts being made, comic book to Allegra printers and to the Objective Coders (IT developers), hands-on activities to various copiers and printers, videos to the multimedia office, press releases out, website updated and, whoa, what did we forget? There is always one more thing to do. Yes, installation.

ASM’S exhibit designer Davison Koenig, along with ASM assistant curator Andrew Higgins, guest curator Terrol Dew Johnson of Tohono O’odham Community Action (TOCA), ASM conservator Teresa Moreno, ASM education program coordinator Whitney Klotz, members of TOCA’s Young O’odham United Through Health group and student interns from the University of Arizona, along with me, have been working to prep the gallery and install objects, photographs and labels and to get hands-on activities together. Rhod Lauffer, with a little help from a high school student, has been busy creating an oversized skateboard to serve as coffee table in the exhibit. It’s exciting to see it all come together!

Here’s some behind the scene photographs to give you a peep into the process. They were taken with a cell phone under low light so they may not be the sharpest images, but they give you an idea of the process. From unpacking shipping crates to laying out artwork and installing objects in cases to hanging paintings and murals to poisoning food items for inclusion to building an over-sized skateboard and reviewing video segments, we’ve all been busy!


Shipping crages for Through the Eyes of the Eagle traveling exhibit (paintings)Laying out the paintings for hanging

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  1. John Plica

    I’d love to see that oversized skateboard coffee table by Rhod Lauffer. I always love when people take skateboards and use them in art. Lately, I have shelved my normal skateboard and have gotten back to the roots of skateboarding with my new plastic skateboard. The plastic skateboards are throwbacks of the 1970’s retro banana boards. I love it because I can just cruise and carve instead of feeling pressured to pull of technical tricks. Skateboarding itself is art to me.

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