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Staff Directory and Organization

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The area code for all phone numbers is 520.

Room numbers followed by N are in the north building; those with S are in the south building.

Due to the recent budget cuts and lack of staffing:

  • As of July 1, 2015, all ASM Collections offices, including the Library and Archives, are closed to researchers and other visitors on Mondays and Fridays.

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Position Incumbent Telephone Room Link
Director Patrick Lyons 621-6281 308aN  
Administrative Assistant Georgine Speranzo 621-6281 308N  
Assistant Curator, American Indian Relations Martina Dawley 621-6276 308C more info
Associate Curator, Education Lisa Falk 626-2973 314N more info
Associate Director Vacant      
Project Manager, WACC / NPS Contracts Mackenzie Massman 621-9434 116N  
Museums Business Center        
Manager, Finance & Administration Octavio Fuentes 626-9681 324N  
AccountantChristina Rocha 626-0180 324N  
Accountant Beth Zimner 626-1949 324N  
Business Manager Joanne Canalli 626-8504 318N  
Collections Division        
Head, Collections and Associate CuratorSuzanne Eckert 626-0253 209N  
Archaeological Collections        
Curatorial / Museum Specialist, Sr. Lisa Zimmerman 621-0699 100cS  
Archaeological Records Office        
Senior Curator Beth Grindell 626-8364 305N  
Archaeological Records Manager, Sr. Rick Karl 621-1271 207S  
Assistant Administrator Teresa Gregory 621-1271 207S  
Research Specialist Shannon Twilling 621-1271 207S  
Library Specialist Christina Jenkins 621-4011 207S  
Archaeological Repository        
Curatorial / Museum Specialist, Sr. Arthur Vokes 626-9109 105S  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Erika Bassaraba Heacock 626-9109 105S  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Melanie Deer 626-9109 105S  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Theah Erickson 626-9109 105S  
Associate Curator, Ethnology Diane Dittemore 621-2079 216N  
Library and Archives        
Head, Library and Archives Mary Graham 621-4695 201N  
Assistant Librarian Christina Antipa 621-4695 201N  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Alegra Savage 621-4645 201aN  
Photo Collections        
Curatorial / Museum Specialist, Sr. Jannelle Weakly 621-6311 206N  
Curatorial / Museum Assistant Natalia Gabrielsen 621-6311 206N  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Andrew Higgins 621-2079 216N  
Special Projects        
Curatorial / Museum Specialist, Sr. Alan Ferg      
Community Engagement Division        
Head, Community Engagement Lisa Falk 626-2973 314N  
Exhibit Specialist Jeff Bursey 626-2315 204S  
Project Manager Mackenzie Massman 621-9434 116N  
Development and Marketing, Office of        
Director of Development Sandra B. Um 626-3466 307N  
Program Coordinator, Membership / Marketing Darlene Lizarraga 626-8381 307N  
Operations Division        
Head, Visitor Services and Operations Keith Knoblock 621-4096 308bN  
Information Systems        
Systems Administrator, Sr. Raphael Gill 626-3607 301aN  
Web Site Designer / Developer Frank Finkenberg 626-6939 301bN  
Security Officer Supervisor John Monteleone 621-9220 106N  
Visitor Services        
Retail Operations Manager Tim Price 626-5886 107N  
Program Coodinator Erin M. DenBaars 621-4523 116N  
Preservation Division        
Head, Preservation, and Conservator Nancy Odegaard 621-6314 125aN more info
Associate Conservator Teresa Moreno 621-6314 125bN more info
Conservation Specialist Marilen Pool 621-6314 125N more info
Laboratory Coordinator, Sr. Gina Watkinson 621-6314 125hN more info
Research Division        
Head, Research Vacant      
Curator, Archaeology, Homol’ovi Research Program Chuck Adams 621-2093 219N more info
Curator, Archaeology, Emeritus Paul Fish 621-2556 303S  
Curator, Archaeology, Emerita Suzanne Fish 626-8290 303S  
Assistant Curator, Archaeology, Mandated Programs Todd Pitezel 621-4795 304S  
Research Specialist, Sr. Rich Lange 621-6275 211S  
Associate Curator, Bioarchaeology James Watson 621-4794 215N more info
Lab Manager, Osteology John McClelland 626-2950 211N more infoOpens in a new window
Associate Curator, Ethnohistory Michael M. Brescia 621-4895 221N more info

Associate Curator, Documentary History Dale Brenneman 621-6278 320N  
Associate Curator, Zooarchaeology Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman 626-3989 213N more infoOpens in a new window

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