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Staff Directory and Organization

Arizona State Museum staff in front of the north buildingTo search by name, please press Ctrl-F.

The area code for all phone numbers is 520.

Room numbers followed by N are in the north building; those with S are in the south building.

Upcoming Closures

The entire museum will be closed on Monday, May 25 in observance of Memorial Day.

The ASM Library and Archives will be closed June 1–12, 2015 for special projects.  There will be no access to these collections during these dates.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

The entire museum will be closed July 3 & 4 in observance of Independence Day.

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Position Incumbent Telephone Room Link
Director Patrick Lyons 621-6281 308aN  
Administrative Assistant Georgine Speranzo 621-6281 308N  
Assistant Curator, American Indian Relations Martina Dawley 621-6276 308C more info
Associate Curator, Education Lisa Falk 626-2973 314N more info
Associate Director Michael M. Brescia 621-4895 221N more info
Project Manager, WACC / NPS Contracts Mackenzie Massman 621-9434 116N  
Museums Business Center        
Manager, Finance & Administration Octavio Fuentes 626-9681 324N  
AccountantChristina Rocha 626-0180 324N  
Accountant Beth Zimner 626-1949 324N  
Business Manager Joanne Canalli 626-8504 318N  
Collections Division        
Head, Collections and Associate CuratorSuzanne Eckert 626-0253 209N  
Archaeological Collections        
Curatorial / Museum Specialist, Sr. Mike Jacobs 621-6312 218N    
Curatorial / Museum Specialist, Sr. Lisa Zimmerman 621-0699 100cS  
Archaeological Records Office        
Senior Curator Beth Grindell 626-8364 305N  
Archaeological Records Manager, Sr. Rick Karl 621-1271 207S  
Assistant Administrator Teresa Gregory 621-1271 207S  
Research Specialist Shannon Twilling 621-1271 207S  
Library Specialist Christina Jenkins 621-4011 207S  
Archaeological Repository        
Curatorial / Museum Specialist, Sr. Arthur Vokes 626-9109 105S  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Erika Bassaraba Heacock 626-9109 105S  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Melanie Deer 626-9109 105S  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Theah Erickson 626-9109 105S  
Associate Curator, Ethnology Diane Dittemore 621-2079 216N  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Andrew Higgins 621-2079 216N  
Library and Archives        
Head, Library and Archives Mary Graham 621-4695 201N  
Assistant Librarian Christina Antipa 621-4695 201N  
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Alegra Savage 621-4645 201aN  
Library Specialist, Sr. Amy Rule 621-4695 201N  
Photo Collections        
Curatorial / Museum Specialist, Sr. Jannelle Weakly 621-6311 206N  
Curatorial / Museum Assistant Natalia Gabrielsen 621-6311 206N  
Special Projects / Registration        
Curatorial / Museum Specialist, Sr. Alan Ferg      
Development and Marketing, Office of        
Director of Development Sandra B. Um 626-3466 307N  
Program Coordinator, Membership / Marketing Darlene Lizarraga 626-8381 307N  
Operations Division        
Head, Visitor Services and Operations Keith Knoblock 621-4096 308bN  
Information Systems        
Applications Programmer Michael Ornelas 626-6939 301bN  
Systems Administrator, Sr. Raphael Gill 626-3607 301aN  
Web Site Designer / Developer, Sr. Laura LePere 626-6939 301bN  
Web Site Designer / Developer Frank Finkenberg 626-6939 301bN  
Security Officer Supervisor John Monteleone 621-9220 106N  
Visitor Services        
Retail Operations Manager Tim Price 626-5886 107N  
Program Coodinator Erin M. DenBaars 621-4523 116N  
Preservation Division        
Head, Preservation, and Conservator Nancy Odegaard 621-6314 125aN more info
Associate Conservator Teresa Moreno 621-6314 125bN more info
Conservation Specialist Marilen Pool 621-6314 125N more info
Curatorial/Museum Specialist Sr. Crista Pack 621-6314 125N  
Laboratory Coordinator, Sr. Gina Watkinson 621-6314 125hN more info
Public Programs Division        
Head, Public Programs Michael M. Brescia 621-4895 221N  
Curator, Exhibits Davison Koenig 621-6280 204S  
Exhibit Specialist Jeff Bursey 626-2315 204S  
Project Manager, Exhibits Beth DeWitt 626-9172 204S  
Project Manager Mackenzie Massman 621-9434 116N  
Research Division        
Head, Research James Watson 621-4794 215N more info
Curator, Archaeology, Homol’ovi Research Program Chuck Adams 621-2093 219N more info
Curator, Archaeology, Emeritus Paul Fish 621-2556 303S  
Curator, Archaeology, Emerita Suzanne Fish 626-8290 303S  
Assistant Curator, Archaeology, Mandated Programs Todd Pitezel 621-4795 304S  
Research Specialist, Sr. Rich Lange 621-6275 211S  
Associate Curator, Bioarchaeology James Watson 621-4794 215N more info
Lab Manager, Osteology John McClelland 626-2950 211N more infoOpens in a new window
Curatorial / Museum Specialist Gina Stuart-Richard 626-0320 217N  
Associate Curator, Ethnohistory Michael M. Brescia 621-4895 221N more info

Associate Curator, Documentary History Dale Brenneman 621-6278 320N  
Associate Curator, Zooarchaeology Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman 626-3989 213N more infoOpens in a new window

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